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An online course that teaches trainers and coaches the 4Q system for building science-backed workouts and programs quickly and easily.

We all know that a good training program mixes things up. It just makes sense that a running-only program could lead to sore knees. And, its the reason we see NHL stars at yoga, or PGA Tour pros powerlifting in shoe commercials. Cross-training isn’t exactly new.

But cross-training isn’t really the whole picture, either. Its just a serious sounding label for the concept of “mixing it up.”

With literally thousands of drills to choose from, coaches with full training schedules don’t need another concept - they need a plan.

  • A plan for any client, in any facility, using any equipment.
  • A plan that makes individualizing programs a cinch for trainers.
  • A plan that takes the guesswork out of exercise selection.

The 4Q Model of Programming builds on the cross-training concept with a system for building smart and effective workouts. Strength, mobility, weight loss, recovery - you name it, 4Q helps you program it quickly and easily.

4Q starts with this simple but powerful idea:

There are only 4 types of exercise. (Yes, really).

From Agility training to Zumba, everything fits into one of four categories:

Loaded Linear Training (LLT)

Unloaded Linear Training (ULT)

Unloaded Movement Training (UMT)

Loaded Movement Training (LMT)

Weight Machines



Kettlebells (in a multidirectional pattern)


Bodyweight Lunges

Tai Chi

Bulgarian Bag swings


Push Ups

Animal Flow

ViPR Rotation drills

Most traditional weight-lifting exercises, where load moves in a single plane of motion

Most traditional bodyweight exercise, moving in a single plane of motion.

Multi-directional bodyweight exercises.

Multi-directional exercises with external resistance. Often “task-oriented.”

Each type of exercise has unique effects on …

  • muscle tissue
  • connective tissue
  • the cardiovascular system
  • neurological adaptation
  • … and more!

Understanding these 4 categories means you can instantly recognize what effect an exercise will have on the body, and be confident that the workouts you design will do what they are supposed to do.

In this course, we dive deep into 4Q. Over 6 lessons, you’ll learn

  • how to classify exercises into the 4 types (we call them Quadrants).
  • the benefits of each type of movement.
  • over 75 new drills you can use right away with your clients.
  • how to use a 4Q program log to build effective programs quickly.
  • how to balance workouts + programs between the 4 Quadrants for better client outcomes.

We’re excited to show you the whole 4Q system for building workouts quickly and efficiently. And you’ll learn how 4Q programming sets your clients up for better long-term performance and health.

Every year, we take hundreds of coaches through this course at our live workshops. And the feedback is always the same - coaches can’t believe how simple it is to use, and how effective it is for their clients.

With this online course, you’ll get…

  • 65 paradigm-shifting video sections
  • 75+ new movements you can use right away with your clients
  • programming template in PDF format
  • over 10 infographics and research links to much more information

All for a fraction of the cost of a live 4Q Workshop!

Course Procedure

  1. Enroll in the course.
  2. View the course content.
  3. Take the test. (You must score 80% to pass. If you do not pass, you may retake the test.)
  4. Print your certificate of completion.

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4Q Programming Fundamentals

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